• December 9, 2023
is that the handbag next to him has appeared

is that the handbag next to him has appeared

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This is a Gucci lacquered leather handbag, the whole body of this bag is made of black, and the red edge is covered with the body of Gucci bag. With a golden chain. The public price of this Gucci bag is 15000 yuan. After professional appraisal by the appraiser, it is found that the quality of this bag is new in 95. So his second-hand recycling price is 8000 yuan. It is almost equivalent to 50% discount of the original price, which is a relatively good recycling price. If the quality can reach 99 new, then the recycling price will be even higher.

In the choice of earrings and handbags, because the clothes are more clear and generous, simple and fashionable, it is the style of urban beauty. So the same color handbag is very good, the style is simple and classic, not too much decoration, but also can add some domineering female president flavor, is an indispensable equipment for daily commuting of urban white-collar workers. On the other hand, earrings can choose some earrings with a strong sense of droop and slender earrings that can stretch the neck curve. If you have the ability, pearls are a better choice, round pearls can add more precious gas, is the jewelry that every girl should have! Return to Sohu to see more

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is that the handbag next to him has appeared

You see, even if Lin Junjie is wearing a jacket and jeans, he still needs a baseball cap on his head. He is probably in love. What is more amazing is that the handbag next to him has appeared for the third time, and it is also a versatile bag.

Yue Yue, a serious handbag maker, came out successfully after he was challenged by his wife. He really bought a lot of leather materials, including leather of all colors, and made a lot of finished bags.

Handbags are handmade, not atomic bombs, not so difficult to build, and are already familiar to high-end factories that have long focused on developing top-notch goods. After all, is there little news about the accidents of sellers who have been using high imitations as purchasing agents for a long time? It has long been common in this circle, and how many customers can detect it?

is that the handbag next to him has appeared

The 77 treasures sold by Joseph Lau (one of which is a Chanel handbag) are valued at a total value of 16.31 million, which is simply a sky-high price for ordinary people, but for Joseph Lau, it is not worth talking about and is not of great value. in addition, this is only a small part of his collection of Herm 猫 s bags. Joseph Lau once revealed that he owned as many as 1000 Herm 猫 s bags, which he bought for not his own use, but purely for collection, so he has long been a VVIP customer of Herm 猫 s. This level of customers belong directly to the headquarters in Paris for maintenance, not only can they buy limited edition bags, but also customize their own unique bags, which is not surprising why Luanxiong Lau can hold an auction of Herm 猫 s bags.