• December 9, 2023
behind a trail of fuzz? Items like towel s, blankets, and bulky

behind a trail of fuzz? Items like towel s, blankets, and bulky

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3. Tableware, towels and other daily necessities for infants and young children should be used alone and cleaned and disinfected regularly. Keep the room clean and tidy, open the door and window at the right time to ensure enough fresh air to avoid infants and young children staying in the air-conditioned room for a long time.

But what about those items that contribute to lint buildup or leave behind a trail of fuzz? Items like towels, blankets, and bulky sweaters can be a nightmare to wash, as they often shed fibers that cling to other clothes. Fortunately, mesh bags can also come to the rescue in this department. By placing lint-prone items within a mesh bag, you can minimize the spread of loose fibers throughout the load. This not only keeps your clothes in pristine condition but also saves you from the hassle of tediously picking off lint pieces one by one after each wash. Efficiency and convenience – all thanks to a simple mesh bag!

Many people like to go to public places to take a bath, swim and soak their feet. Slippers, towels and foot basins in this place are all shared goods. Without health protection, it is easy to cause fungal infection, beriberi and cross-infection. Beriberi is very contagious, so it is recommended to use disposable products in public places.

2. Hang It Anywhere: The built-in hook allows you to hang the bag on towel racks, shower rods, or even the back of a door – making it incredibly convenient to access your toiletries in hotel bathrooms or shared spaces.

First of all, all teachers and students carry out fire evacuation drills. With the sound of the fire warning signal, the drill officially began. After hearing the alarm, the teacher on duty on each floor quickly organized the students to evacuate. The students ran out of the teaching building quickly under the guidance of the teacher. In the process of escape, the students covered their noses and mouths with handkerchiefs and towels and bent down for less than 3 minutes. More than 100 teachers and students were safely evacuated to the playground in front of the teaching building from the three safety exits of the teaching building and called the roll. The fire safety evacuation escape exercise was a complete success.

Xiaomi has launched a crowdfunding FIVE intelligent hot towel machine on the product platform. The purpose of this product is to solve the problem that daily towels are easy to harden and inconvenient to disinfect. The crowdfunding price is 199 yuan.