• December 9, 2023
Hospital, said after receiving bed sheets and towel s donated by Rainbow

Hospital, said after receiving bed sheets and towel s donated by Rainbow

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Second, patients can use warm water cold compress to relieve itching and discomfort. Clean towels can be soaked and wrung dry, then applied to itchy areas for about 10-15 minutes at a time. Cold compress can help relieve itching and inflammation, making the patient feel cool and comfortable.

8, when escaping, take protective measures as far as possible, such as covering your mouth and nose with wet towels and wrapping your body with wet clothes. 9, if your clothes catch fire, you can quickly take off your clothes, or roll on the spot to put out the flame with the body, and you can also jump into a nearby pool to extinguish the fire on your body, so as to reduce the burn area and reduce the degree of burns. 120 ambulance rental: just a few days ago, there was a touching scene in Qingdao. Next, 120 ambulance rental will show you. ? October 9th evening peak, Qingdao, the road is not smooth. A 17-year-old girl was knocked down by a van on Shandong Road. 120 ambulances set off quickly after answering the alarm, but only one lane was left from south to north due to the construction of road pipelines.

– Old towels or a cape to protect your clothes

In the course of the exercise, when the alarm sounded, the children carried out a simulated escape according to the predetermined evacuation route. under the organization of the teacher, the children covered their mouths and noses with prepared wet towels and successfully evacuated to the relatively flat and wide playground in an orderly manner. it took more than one minute to demonstrate the rapid response ability of teachers and students in emergency response, and a strong sense of obedience to command, management and orderly escape. Only in this way, when a real disaster comes, can we ensure that we will not be afraid in the face of danger and that there will not be a chaotic situation in which we only care about ourselves and ignore others. Please remember: when a real disaster comes, only mutual cooperation, courtesy, and more consideration of others will accelerate the speed of escape, and the success rate of escape will be higher.

Many people go back to the hair salon for hair care, but one visit is a lot of money. In fact, we can also do daily hair care at home. After washing your hair, wipe it half-dry with a dry towel, then apply conditioner, then wrap the whole hair with a hot towel for about 15 minutes, and finally rinse with clean water. Washed hair with a hair dryer to half-dry can apply some hair care essential oil is the best.

Dr. Hilda Barra, medical director of Wilkins Hospital, said after receiving bed sheets and towels donated by Rainbow Tourism Group: “as the epidemic continues, we may have more patients, but we cannot take care of all patients with our supplies alone. the more we donate, the more confident we are to ensure that our patients are better taken care of.”

Hospital, said after receiving bed sheets and towel s donated by Rainbow

Yangqiao to Bengbu, through more than half of Linnan County, across Fuyang area, Lixin County, Mengcheng County, Huaiyuan County, Bengbu City. East and west span two regions, six counties and cities, and 260 kilometers of Shashi Highway. The road was potholed and uneven, and cars danced on the sand road covered with potholes. When the car jumped, there was a cloud of dust and smoke in the car, and the luggage and baskets in the aisle changed places in the car. The driver wiped his sweat on his head with a blackened white towel and shouted to the passengers to sit down and not to walk around in the car. From time to time, some people vomit, ah, ah.

Patients with cervical spondylosis can mash a quick ginger and a green onion, boil it over high fire, wait for water to cool, dip a little with a clean towel and apply it to the pain area, which can reduce the pain. However, this method is only aimed at patients with mild conditions, and does not improve much for patients with severe conditions.