• December 11, 2023
were playing on the beach . Some took their

were playing on the beach . Some took their

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We will have different styles of picnic furnishings on the beach as a sign-in template. You can take pictures and clock in. You are the prettiest kid in the early spring picnic season and will set aside a picnic venue for everyone to use. Picnic equipment is carried by individuals.

The night economy spawned new momentum. In recent years, the night culture and tourism products of Liuye Lake have been gradually enriched, and the night economy has developed rapidly. Visiting river streets, watching performances, setting up tents, eating barbecue and listening to music have become “necessities” for ordinary citizens and foreign tourists to spend at night. On the evening of September 30th, Xinhua News Agency reported live on Hejie, which received 1.28 million views. During the National Day, watch the “memory of Changde” live performance to enjoy ticket discounts, as well as wood carving, hemp painting and other non-legacy manual experience. From October 1 to 7, River Street received a total of 91600 tourists, of which night visitors and consumption accounted for more than 80%. In addition, with the opening of coconut shell beach camps and fishing song art camps one after another, “camping fever” has led to the development of related industries such as tents, folding tables and chairs, lighting, picnic tablecloths, catering, music festivals, and so on. Night economy has become a new growth point for stimulating consumption.

Ms. Zhou, a staff member of Decathlon (Nanchang store in impression City) in Honggu Beach District, told reporters that recently, many citizens have come to consult and buy outdoor supplies. Coinciding with the May Day holiday, the turnover of picnic supplies, tents, mats, barbecue utensils and portable tables, chairs and beds increased significantly.

For example, my favorite Qixiang home folding seat is very easy to use. As soon as it is on the shelves, the sales of the whole network soar. Why does it come out of the circle? Because Kei Heng outdoor folding seat uses flexible Oxford cloth strong and durable, with light weight, high load-bearing and other characteristics, foldable no need to install and disassemble, quickly unfold, take in freely, do not take up space, small size, carry away. Kei enjoys outdoor folding seats for beaches, camping, lawns, concerts, picnics, barbecues or outdoor activities. In addition to folding seats, there are a lot of camping equipment to choose from, you can take a look.

The weather in Fuzhou is changeable recently, and there are many small pavilions in the beach park. Whether it is the scorching sun or unexpected rain, you can have a better picnic experience.

Longmei, Frisbee, skateboard, trampoline, colorful tents and picnic cloth on the lawn, screaming children hanging upside down on the rock climbing wall, dancing aunts, dogs chasing dogs and strangers who occasionally meet and greet because of dog fights. Compared with the riverside sections such as Yangpu, the back Beach and the Bund, we may be able to feel more deeply the “rich but not too restrictive life situation” in the Xuhui section, a kind of “simultaneous presence” of all kinds of daily life. In the flow of sight and behavior can also promote and stimulate each other. A ban is always the easiest way to manage, but to limit “troubles” is also to limit the possibilities, while the so-called “excellence and global” promise should be able to carry a warmer, looser and pluralistic daily life.

were playing on the beach . Some took their

Activity content: 2000 square meters romantic pink beach, multi-scene online celebrity landscape, to meet the needs of tourists for leisure, entertainment and photography, to make sand in a large pink sand pool, to enjoy the cool sun on the beach, or to have a picnic in the restaurant near the lake. you can also take a cruise boat to see the lakes and mountains, and enjoy a leisurely holiday.

Best answer: according to your needs, you can choose [answer] where is the Chinese jade wholesale market, the bottom price of the goods, do not high-end trade [question] I would like to ask the teacher I want to enter a little beach goods, cheap jade. [question] / Yunnan Province is. 4. Hongda Jade Wholesale Market is located in Hadabei Town, Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County, Liaoning Province, which is the birthplace of Chinese national stone jade. 5. Ruili Jade Wholesale Market Yunnan Ruili Jade Wholesale Market has jewelry pedestrian street, Huafeng Mall and Sister Jade.

Beach supplies: big eaves sunscreen hat, sunscreen hat, sunscreen shirt, floppy sun hat beach tent, beach folding chair, sleeping bag, beach towel, diving equipment, underwater goggles.

On the afternoon of the 4th, the reporter saw in the calligraphy square on Huandao Road that many people were playing on the beach. Some took their families with them and spread out meal cloth to enjoy the family at the picnic. Some good friends stepped on the waves to enhance their friendship between laughter and laughter. And the newlyweds, dressed in tuxedos, recorded the sweet moments with cameras. Between the sea and the sky, people have their own preferences and enjoy themselves.