• December 9, 2023
unclean items, such as towel s, sheets, seats, toilets and

unclean items, such as towel s, sheets, seats, toilets and

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Mainly through contact with patients with condyloma acuminatum used unclean items, such as towels, sheets, seats, toilets and so on, but this situation is not necessarily contagious. Condyloma acuminatum virus is a DNA virus that exists only in the human body, called human papillomavirus, this virus only parasites in the skin and mucosa of the human body, does not enter the blood, and after leaving the human body, the viability of the virus drops sharply, even death.

The baby can barely sit, but can not sit upright, the upper body leans forward, about 45 degrees with the bed. At this time, parents need to help, both hands still support the waist and back, and make the baby hold a toy in his hand to help sit up straight. Or put a large towel around its waist and tighten it to make the baby sit up straight, but usually do not put things around and let the baby sit forward, otherwise it is easy to bend the spine over a long time. The training of this action was carried out in about 6 months.

unclean items, such as towel s, sheets, seats, toilets and

1. The prolongation of the course of diabetes and poor control of blood sugar will lead to neuropathy and various degrees of peripheral vascular disease. Strengthening foot care and regular screening of diabetic foot can prevent the occurrence of diabetic foot. This patient leads to toe ulcers due to unreasonable foot washing. We should focus on strengthening foot care and education, wash feet every day, control the water temperature below 37 °to avoid scald, dry the seams with soft towels after washing feet, and choose appropriate shoes and socks. Try to choose five-finger socks to prevent five fingers from squeezing.

Patients with eczema should choose mild, non-irritating detergents to clean their skin. Avoid products that contain spices, alcohol and irritating chemicals. Taking a bath once a day is enough. use warm water instead of hot water. after washing, gently pat the skin with a soft towel instead of rubbing it. The bathing time should be controlled within 15 minutes to avoid excessive cleaning and removal of natural grease from the skin.

Can also use two towels soaked in cold water, hot water, when the towel to the baby, tell the baby which is “hot”. Whether it is a hot water cup or a hot towel, the temperature is about 50 ℃, not too hot.