• December 9, 2023
the high-quality Yellow River beach jujube, yellow rice, horse

the high-quality Yellow River beach jujube, yellow rice, horse

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During the Golden week, Changting Village, Shitang Town, Yunhe County attracted many tourists to visit, and the scenic spot once again ushered in a peak of passenger flow. At about 10:00 in the morning, Changting Village, Shitang Town, was already crowded, and many tourists from surrounding counties and cities came to visit. On the beach, children carry sand buckets, dig sand, build castles, parents barbecue, picnic, a leisurely scene.

Why can the zongzi industry in Qingtang Village break through the world? This can be traced back to a “sea eye” in the village. In the Luliang mountain area, there is a general shortage of water, but the “sea eye” in Qingtang Village is rich in groundwater resources, which makes it the “Yumi Township on Luliang Mountain” in the mouth of the local people. “Fertilizer and water irrigate more than 800 mu of fertile land in the village, of which there are more than 400 mu of Reed fields. The Reed leaves are dark green and thick, which is a good material for wrapping zongzi.” Zhang Xinqin, person in charge of Qingtang Village Zongzi Industrial Park, introduced that, coupled with the high-quality Yellow River beach jujube, yellow rice, horse lotus grass and other specialties in Luliang Mountain area, the local zongzi in Qingtang is of particularly good quality.

Amorous feelings Huian is always inseparable from that affectionate sea, Jingfeng Huinu Bay is actually a good place for picnics! The blue sea, clean and soft beaches and relatively small passenger flow will certainly make you have an unforgettable picnic trip.

the high-quality Yellow River beach jujube, yellow rice, horse

They watched the sunset at the seaside, picnicked in the forest, went to the beach to ride the waves, and explored the park. When night falls, they stop at the campsite, and their love pervades the summit of Koshusco and precipitates in the Pacific trench.

National Day holiday. “after spending time with you, I have planned the four seasons early in my mind. I will have a picnic with you in spring, go to the beach with you in summer, take a walk with you in autumn, and take you to my favorite hot pot restaurant in winter. When I think of these, the cold and heat suddenly become something to look forward to. You are so cute. I want to kiss you so much.”